The promotion of better coastal ecosystem management by harnessing the values associated with carbon and ecosystem services.

What are blue forests?

Coastal and marine ecosystems, including mangrove forests, seagrass meadows and saltwater marshes, support livelihoods and wellbeing of across the globe. These ‘blue forests’ are vital for coastal and island communities through the many services they provide, such as shoreline protection, providing essential habitat for fisheries and supporting marine biodiversity. They are also significant for our global climate by storing and sequestering atmospheric carbon; giving them additional value and significance in the global climate challenge (a concept also termed ‘blue carbon’).

What is the GEF Blue Forests Project?

The Global Environment Facility International Waters focal area is enabling the Blue Forests Project to provide the first global-scale assessment of the values associated with coastal carbon and ecosystem services, in order to achieve improved ecosystem management through recognition of these values. The project will also improve knowledge for informed decision-making, raise awareness, foster cooperation among all stakeholders, and provide experience and tools for greater global application.